Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a good thing.

I did it! I finished my first pair of wool socks just for me!!!! Am I somehow more fulfilled? Is my life more complete? Are my feet somehow happier...more secure in the knowledge that they'll be toasty this Winter? I'm gonna have to go with a, "YES!" on that one.
It's all good.

Two socks on two circs rocks! I love knowing for sure they're the same length and I love, love, love not looking at one finished sock and thinking, "OMG, I've got to do that all over again now."

(Yes, I do have wide feet. It's true. I'm o.k. with that.)

It didn't save any time to do them both at once. It's just a mental thing.

Please be aware that I know this color was totally wrong for this pattern. From now I will listen to the crowd when it comes to hand-dyed sock yarn (I dyed this myself). Some patterns....o.k. most patterns...just don't do it justice. And vice-versa. You can't see the pattern at all in these and the colors look muddy until you get to the plain stockinette foot....where they are fabulous!
Live and learn.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Say hallo to my leetle friend....

This is it. What started out life as a frog has ended up as a pig. On a swing. I'm not sure how that works out in an evolutionary sense but I am so tickled with how this turned out! I'm sure future pigs will have larger heads. I'm unclear as to why this one ended up so small, but it somehow adds to the pig this time. We'll see how future ones turn out.

The Right Reverend (my DH) felt like the handles should work into the overall effect on all my purses so we came up with the swing idea. I thought it was overkill at first but now I love, love, love it! The rope is actually tied on the swing through grommets. How cute is that?
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It has a cute curly-que tail too but that's for it's Mama's eyes only! :-)
In an homage to my favorite knitting e-zine I've decided this pig should be called "Percy". You know......'purse-y'. Go Knitty !!! A more perfect name there could not exist.

I won't make any promises, but I'm pretty sure I'll be making one of these to KEEP someday soon!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hamster's attack!

After doing some contemplating, I decided to branch out and modify the bags a bit.

After some adjustments...

I ended up with a very, very cute hamster!

She even has a cute teeny-tiny tail!!!

Not much in the way of knitting these days. One obsession at a time, please.
Meanwhile, a small snaffoo on a frog is, I believe, leading to yet another sock-creature. Update later.
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