Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting On the Wagon Train

I was able to knit some on the first leg of our moving saga...the part where Todd drove a UHaul for 2 days and I rode beside him. After that it was mostly a stressful blurr until about a week after our second arrival here with kids in tow.

I attempted several things on that first part of the trip. A lacy scarf (La Belle Dentelle), a lace stole (Sea and Shells Stole) and 2 socks on 2 circs (Hourglass Eyelet). I learned some important things. First of all, our knitting fore-sisters who knit on their journey west on those wagons....they did NOT knit lace. Not with lace-weight yarn anyway. There is no chance. It was impossible in the UHaul. The scarf in sock-weight wasn't too bad but that lace-weight... arg! Second, I think I like the 2 socks at a time idea. I haven't turned a heel yet but it's looking like I'll be using this method again.

Here's La Belle in process:

She's going slowly but I'm enjoying it.