Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Dishcloth

I keep forgetting to post things I've knit. Here are some of the dish/wash cloths I've done lately:

This one I did for Todd from the cotton I was gifted by my Swap Partner. I figured I'd better get started on the Texas memorabelia before the big move. It's pattern was here.
This one is a Tesselating Fish pattern that I put together to make a cloth for my Mother in Law. I realized that I haven't ever knit anything for her before this so she's getting several knitting items this year for her birthday. I'm pretty sure she NEVER reads this particular blog so I'm not too worried about ruining the surprise.
I also made some pinwheel cloths, one of the green for Todd and one of all three fish colors for his mom. MIL will also be getting a surpirse knit gift that I won't post yet.....just in case she wanders over here for some strange reason. ;-)

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