Monday, July 23, 2007


I finally finished the Broadripple socks for my MIL!!! I knit 3 socks before it was all over and I am so glad to see the end of these. The first sock was just baggy and pools! Man, you could swim in those pools! On the second sock I put more tension in my yarn and sure enough, that was the trick.

Here's the original pair:

Here are the two left-over balls from the original pair. Definitely different.

I ended up just knitting the first sock over by first using the bit of leftover ball and then ripping straight from the original sock into the new one. It was fun. At one point I even put on the original sock and pulled the yarn from around my foot. Hey, it was an 8 hour road trip. What else was there to do?

I haven't taken pics of the finished pair. Just look at that second, more stripey, sock and imagine it twice for now.
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eduininck said...

Great job. Sure you are glad you frogged the one. It was still pretty but didn't match. Good to have a FO and get to start something new!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a difference!
you are too funny wearign the sock and frogging it while you knit.

Knitting Rose said...

I am so glad that you re-knit it - looks wonderful! how was the trip? You must spill dear - we already miss you!