Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a good thing.

I did it! I finished my first pair of wool socks just for me!!!! Am I somehow more fulfilled? Is my life more complete? Are my feet somehow happier...more secure in the knowledge that they'll be toasty this Winter? I'm gonna have to go with a, "YES!" on that one.
It's all good.

Two socks on two circs rocks! I love knowing for sure they're the same length and I love, love, love not looking at one finished sock and thinking, "OMG, I've got to do that all over again now."

(Yes, I do have wide feet. It's true. I'm o.k. with that.)

It didn't save any time to do them both at once. It's just a mental thing.

Please be aware that I know this color was totally wrong for this pattern. From now I will listen to the crowd when it comes to hand-dyed sock yarn (I dyed this myself). Some patterns....o.k. most patterns...just don't do it justice. And vice-versa. You can't see the pattern at all in these and the colors look muddy until you get to the plain stockinette foot....where they are fabulous!
Live and learn.

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Knitting Rose said...

absolutely beautiful1!! I love them! you should be proud and I know your feet will be happy.

Geraldine said...

Which pattern? Do I have that one?? And I like the yarn! 8^)

Maybe we should knit socks for each other...nah...then I couldn't tell anyone that 'I did it myself'. That 2 year old is still lurking in there big time!

When are we getting together again? Wanna visit the Renwick? New quilt exhibit!