Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fiber as Art

I need some help. Some artistic advice. Some artsy, knitterly, fiber junkie advice. Maryland Sheep and Wool is coming up and I fully intend to go. While looking at the site for the event I noticed that there is an art competition attached to this event. Like all good "county fairs" this has categories for your knitting, your handspun, your weaving and, lo and behold, painting! (All entries must be Sheep and/or Wool related.) Hey! I paint! Well, I used to. Before we moved.

I was inspired. A long while back, I painted this reproduction/interpretation of Picasso's Woman in a Red Chair.

I could do this! Ewe in a Red Chair. At first I thought I'd just do sheep parts in place of the people parts, but then I saw all those balls and thought, "Yarn!" The big, squarish bit could be a batt of wool. One of the balls could be roving. The piece at the top looks most like a sheep's head to me, but would that be too gruesome? What other fiber-related things fit the shapes already in the painting?

Throw some ideas at me!

Meanwhile, I really have been knitting. I finished that scarf and have made serious progress on the "Socks of Obnoxiousness". I will post patterns and pics. Really I will.

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Knitting Rose said...

i DON'T KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU -BUT THAT SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME! oops sorry the caps lock was on... but it does scare me...