Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here they are! I think Bozo would be proud. If I had any sense, I'd have dyed them blue and orange instead of purple and orange and sold the yarn for some unspeakable amount of money to a crazed Auburn fan. Hindsight, eh?

I'm still working on finding a good bind off for toe up. My DFW group have given me a good long list of options to try. I was planning on posting the pattern for these online but I'm not perfectly happy with them. Maybe the next pair will be perfect!

Speaking of options..........I received my Knit Picks needles in the mail this week! They are super-yum! I got the nickle-plated sz 2 circs (40"), and 2 sets of wooden circs, 1's and 0's, for socks. Well, all three are for socks...duh.

The 0's are for these:

The theory is that I'm making a pair of socks for Todd, with a bamboo/wool blend. I had started the first sock on dpns in 1x1 rib, thinking to rib the whole cuff. It felt terrible, all rough and pokey. So I ordered the wooden circ to do them both at once (I have a feeling once will be quite enough, thank you) and am doing toe-up plain stockinette. I worked most of the evening yesterday on these. See how far I got?
Um. These may take a while.

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Geraldine said...

What do you think of the short row heel? I'm not sold on it, but maybe I just didn't knit it well....I do like knowing how long to make the cuff by going from the bottom up!

I like the stripes..._and_ the colors! 8^)