Monday, April 16, 2007

extra photos

Here are some extra shots of this bug in progress and finished.

this is how much batting I used for each eye.

her backside. 8^0

a peek inside her mouth.

Aside from my anal retentive streak, I really enjoyed sewing this. I know now why they sell for $36. Two days of work.

But she's MINE, ALL MINE!!! mwah, hah, hah.


Knitting Rose said...

OMG - she is LOVELY - just 'Diva' like. You did a great job. I am very impressed. I could never have done such wonderful work!!

deedo said...

HEY!! I guess copying is the greatest form of She's very cute. It'll be fun to see her future frog/fish companions. Seeya! 'Sock'

Elizabeth said...

Great job - I love her! And I'm so impressed that you figured this all out on your own, no pattern included. You go girl!!! :)