Monday, April 2, 2007


My final yarn installment arrived today. Let me just say that MCY/Etsy is a bit slow on delivery. It was the first yarn I ordered, by several days, and it arrived almost a week after the rest of it from several other places.

Aside from that, it is gorgeous! The red is a lace-weight 100% silk which, I must say, is intimidating. I may just stretch it out and roll on it instead of knitting it. yum! The other two are sock weight and are also just really gorgeous......though they do smell slightly of cigarette smoke, which I can live with, especially at their prices!

Yummy, yummy in my yarn basket's tummy!
No plans yet for the pastels or the red but I'm thinking these cabled socks for the blue. Still not sure. The pattern may get lost in the color gradations. I'll know better after I wind it into a ball and see how the colors move.

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Geraldine said...

Luscious yarn! Yummy is right. You might try a little febreeze or lysol spray for the tobacco smell.

I'd highly recommend the Jaywalker pattern for your yarn. It looks fancy but is easy & not too complicated & will still show up with a variegated yarn. And it's fun to knit! 8^)