Monday, April 16, 2007


Well. I spent today accomplishing not a thing around my house. I only managed to cook for my family because the whining finally got on my nerves. ;-)

What was I doing instead? This!

the blue to the right is the liner. it's a heavy flannel.

her eyes look uneven in this pic but not in real life. they're off but not noticably or it's just the photo.

i had no idea she'd be so cute with her "mouth" closed. her straps are also flannel so they hold themselves closed.

those stripes are really a clever pocket for doo-dads

She's a "sock bug" and she's a bag for carrying around your socks-in-progress. I'm thinking I'll call her Diva after the seller at Etsy dot com from whom I blatantly plagiarized her. You'll notice that I changed her eye color part way through. I think for the better.
The fabric all came from Mom's stash except for some "interfacing" which I used an old shirt for. Free is good. Though I can't even count the hours I mis-spent on this thing.

I was a total sewing maniac today. I went all OCD on this bag, which is hilarious if you know me at all. I was basting every seam, ironing the snot out of everything and ripping like a maniac at the end when the final seam would NOT sew straight.

Next? Well, I'd like to try a fish and I've made some notes for a possible frog. But first I need to do some dishes...and laundry....and picking up...and sweeping...........

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Geraldine said...

Orange eyes...definitely better! Pink, bleah!! 8^)

You did a fine job!

Now, WHO buys these instead of making their own?? Just buying it does NOT match making your own IMNSHO!!