Monday, March 26, 2007

Haul 2

Two boxes came in the mail today. I love getting loot!

I got a ballwinder. It turns long skeins of yarn, like the one on the right, into center-pull balls, like the one on the left. Overall, I really like it. Problem is, it doesn't do big skeins very well. These two skeins are from a past dying day and each is a frogged sleeve from an Aran sweater. I have two other skeins that I died blue and green which are the front and back of said sweater. They will NEVER fit on this winder. Guess it's back to old-fashioned winding on those. I have a feeling it won't kill me.

Then there are some goodies for my spinning wheel. I have a Babe Production wheel and these are a plying flyer, some plying bobbins and some spare regular sized bobbins. I also bought a spare drive band...just in case. I opted out of the bulky flyer...mostly because of the price..but also because all I really wanted it for was plying. I'll just have to stay away from really bulky yarns. No problem.

I'm not sure who all is going to be reading this blog so if none of this makes any sense to you, let me know and I'll explain in a little more detail.
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