Friday, March 23, 2007

On the separation of church and state....oh wait....

...I mean knitting and "real life".

Everybody in my group has a knitting blog but me. Am I remedial? Possibly. That's another discussion.

I decided to start this blog to spare my friends. I'm sparing my knitting friends from my constant droning on about my kids and I'm sparing my family friends from my constant droning on about knitting.

I know you're not supposed to "compartmentalize" your life but hey, blogger makes it so easy! So now I have a knitting blog, a painting blog and a family blog. I'm not schizophrenic yet. Really. Yet.

When I'm not woozy from lack of sleep...and/or when I get my pics moved from my old computer to my new one...I'll get this puppy rollin' with some real-life knitting content. Until then:

Viva la compartments!

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