Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Haul

We received a return from the IRS this year. I have tried to exercise restraint but I think I may have failed.

Here's the first installment of Yarn Haul '07:

Although is based in Canada, they're the fastest shippers around! Here's the info.:
Araucania Atacama
100% Alpaca - Aran weight
Tropical Jungle colorway
50g / 100m Esprit
98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic - Sport weight
Natural, French Navy, Pecan, and Indigo Gold
50g/ 100m

Somehow it felt like I ordered more. Probably because I chose about $150 worth of yarns and whittled it down to $65.

I plan on making Elann's "Victorian Shawl" with the alpaca and some socks and a hat or two with the all I need is that ball winder I ordered!

Meanwhile, my friend Eunice gave me this great Jitterbug sock yarn. It is in a colorway that she doesn't really like. I have to admit, they're really not my colors but they are my Mom's and I saw an opportunity and seized it. I've been asking my Mom for years what I could knit for her and I kept getting, "I just can't think of anything I would actually wear, honey. I'm always too hot already."
Voila! Socks! Everybody wears socks. I'm thinking Jaywalkers or Falling Leaves. I may actually get them done by next Christmas....ya' think?

Still no pics from the old computer. Mostly because I'm too lazy to sit in the floor and upload them to a jump drive. I'll have to do it this weekend, I need them for work too. I'll also have new pics as all the new haul keeps arriving. A little more yarn, an attachment for my spinning wheel and the long-coveted drum carder.

Wait with me. It's fun.

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